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Old advice but still good

I was talking to Mark Finzel, the VP of Marketing at LearningRx about social media.  My main point to Mark was content creation is hard while content distribution was easy.  And if you’re going to encourage franchisees to create and publish content, you better make sure you have those tools (ideas, topics, etc) available for busy people.  That’s just the beginning; once content creation is done, the really hard work starts with engagement and evangelization of your blog.  Actually it’s not hard, but it is time consuming.

I dug up this old article from Guy Kawasaki.  Still relevant after all these years.

BTW, he just posted an article on how he tweets.  Good stuff here too.

Delayed Gratification

While enjoying the first cup of coffee, I read an HBS article I saw Rachel Happe Tweeted (correct verb?) about 2 weeks ago.  The article is a good quick read, non sequitur – has HBS been bitten by new age?

I digress.  The article focuses on the importance of letting go and concentrating on what you love while looking for a job.  Not what I would call net-new advice.  But look at the comments, here is where the article really comes alive.  Real people jumping in and offering personal insights bring real color to the otherwise somewhat sterile article (vague references to individuals vs. personal stories with more details).  I love how those short comments on the article show a diversity in the article’s readership (assuming of course the commenter’s are representative of the larger reading population).

And this leads to my habit.  Often I’ll wait a couple of days to read a recommend article or blog posting.  The delay allows other readers to contribute and comment.  You find this to be true especially among content that is thought provoking, controversial, or runs against common accepted knowledge.  More than once I’ve found more insight in the comments than I did in the actual article.  Downside? Sometimes the proverbial horse has left the barn if you want to be part of the conversation as people move on to the next thing after a few days.