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Old advice but still good

I was talking to Mark Finzel, the VP of Marketing at LearningRx about social media.  My main point to Mark was content creation is hard while content distribution was easy.  And if you’re going to encourage franchisees to create and publish content, you better make sure you have those tools (ideas, topics, etc) available for busy people.  That’s just the beginning; once content creation is done, the really hard work starts with engagement and evangelization of your blog.  Actually it’s not hard, but it is time consuming.

I dug up this old article from Guy Kawasaki.  Still relevant after all these years.

BTW, he just posted an article on how he tweets.  Good stuff here too.

Where have all the revolutionaries gone?

I was thinking this morning that I haven’t heard about anyone being “revolutionary” in a while as it relates to a leader of a movement.  That applies to technology, biology, etc… It could be that I’ve been living under a rock (not likely, but I’ll accept that as a possible explanation) or that I don’t travel/read in the right circles.

We don’t hear about the monumental characters who are so persuasive in their words, so committed to their actions, by their presence and determination, they shake the foundation of society and redefine a new water line.  I wonder, has the Internet made the need for one unifying voice obsolete?

In days of Jesus Christ, Oliver Cromwell, Tomas Jefferson, Bill Buckley, Emma Goldman (fill in the name of your favorite revolution here______________), persuasiveness was reflected not only upon what they wrote (or preached) but how they implemented their vision.  In the modern era, say since 1997, the tools of vision communication have become pedestrian: available to many and therefore the message must be that much more compelling to rise above the noise.  The vision and voice of the individual leader has largely been replaced by the revolutionary masses (or hordes, depending on your perspective).

Where have all the revolutionaries gone?

Has technology made them obsolete? Or has technology amplified yet distributed the common voices so that coalescence now occurs at an individual level?